The Fairest Fairy of Neverland

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Tinkerbell was sitting upon a flower watching ladybugs and butterflies flying about over the grass. She had been missing Peter for quite some time and all her fairy friends seemed to be too busy to even talk to her. She sat there for a while, atop this flower, thinking to herself about all the adventures her and Peter had had. Her thoughts were soon interupted by a loud CRUNCH coming from behind her. Startled, she gasped and lifted quickly into the air.

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Elphie's Neverland: Open: Elphie & Tink -


Elphie’s Neverland: @Elphie

“Oh thank you,” Elphie’s cheeks blushed a bright pink as Tink complimented her. “I’ve been here a week, or no-” her brows furrowed, “A month?” She looked down to the ground and blinked a few times. Had she already forgotten  a thing as simple as time? “I guess I’m not really so sure,” she admitted. She tucked a piece of blonde hair behind her ear and looked back up, “I still have a lot to explore, though I think I’ve met everyone on the island.” 

"Have you seen where the fairies live? Has Peter taught you how to fly?", she asked with a playful smirk on her mouth. She flew around Elphie, spilling a small amount of pixie dust over her. "I’m sure he has the moment you joined our crew!", she chuckled.

Elphie's Neverland: @Elphie -

“I am of Peter’s clan,” she said still in disbelief. Elphie had only heard of Tinkerbell in story books and was in utter awe that the same pixie she had read about as a child now stand perched in her palm. “You are beautiful,” she added raising her for closer inspection. Her emerald eyes smiled as she shook her head, “I just can’t believe it’s you.” 

"Oh! Splendid! Welcome to Neverland then.", she told her genuinely. Tinkerbell flicked her fringes out of her face and smiled. "Oh, thank you. You’re eyes are much more beautiful than I, though.", Tink said in an honest tone. And she meant it. She had never seen such green eyes, such as Elphie’s. "They almost match another dress I own!", she giggled, covering her mouth with her itty-bitty hand. She lifted from Elphie’s hand and spun around. When she stopped spinning, she placed a hand at her hip and said "Well, of course it’s me! The one and only!", she smiled big and her glow brightened a bit. "So Elphie, how long have you been in Neverland?"

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Elphie’s emerald eyes grew wide as the twinkling figure began ringing in front of her face. “Oh my!” she could barely believe what she was seeing, “I-I’m Elphie.” She raised her hand and opened her palm, offering a place for the small woman to rest upon. “Are.. Are you a fairy?” 

Tinkerbell stood upon her palm, gently and ever so elegantly. “Hello Elphie, I am Tinkerbell.”, she gave her a small smile, that was a bit more noticeable. She nodded her head. “Oh, why of course I’m a fairy!”, she chuckled, making her jingle again. Tink smoothed our her dress, which was a dark forest green, a color that really complimented her eyes. “Are you a friend of Peter’s, the Indian’s, or of Hook’s?”, she asked, hoping she wasn’t a pirate.

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So.. I was wonderinnn


Would any of you guys maybe wanna be my penpal? :3